Ritual Oil Roll-Ons (Case Size: 4)

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Warming cardamom & cinnamon blended with crisp citrus orange and lavender. The compounding of these four plants and their essential oils brings a sense of comfort, peace and harmony.

Organic Ingredients: orange, cinnamon, lavender, cardamom herbs & essential oils in an avocado oil base.



empower ritual oil is made with the intent to enliven your senses with the peppery-sweet scent of coriander, while the energetic trio of calendula, corn flower and rose promote a sense of empowerment through prowess. 

Organic ingredients: Rose, calendula & corn flower petals in avocado oil with coriander essential oil.


Historically regarded as herbs of protection, rosemary, rose and sage are unified to make an anointing oil to be used during ritual, spell work, or when facing an event that triggers anxieties. 

Organic Ingredients: Rose petals, rosemary, sage avocado oil. Essential oils of rose, rosemary and sage.


Organic Ingredients: mugwort, lavender, hops & chamomile. Essential oils of lavender & geranium.